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Young Preschool Program

2 ½ to 3 years

Our Young Preschool Program is based on learning through play. Children work through developmentally-appropriate individual and group activities.

Learning through play encourages large and small muscle development to help your child grow.

We also focus on communication skills (both speaking and listening) and problem-solving techniques. These are learned through our play-based activities as well as casual interactions with teachers and other students.

Children are encouraged to talk to each other about conflict and problems. Some children at this age may be shy or choose to watch at the boundaries of an activity. We create space for individual differences in levels of activity.

Independence is encouraged through self-directed (free choice) activities and self-help during routine activities such as eating, toileting, etc.  Your child begins to gain freedom while under the watchful eye of our professional child care teachers. We are ready to support and assist in your child’s ongoing development.

This is the stage of life where children are moving from being a “dependent” toddler to a more “independent” preschooler. Our program will prepare your child for life skills by exposing children to various learning centers where they will be challenged physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. Our Jr. Preschool program is filled with early experiences in preparation for the preschool setting. Implementing our Highscope classroom means our daily routine is a visual schedule that is predictable and planned based on the child’s interest. Work areas are intentional in our classroom as Highscope focuses on a plan-do-review routine. Large group time gives the opportunity for music and movement that create shared experiences in our community of children and teachers alike. Our small group gives the teacher a chance to key in on learning in more specific content areas. The day is complete with all meals provided, family style, and plenty of large motor on one of our outdoor play areas every day. Independence skills and self-esteem are key factors in success at this stage. The activities presented in Jr. Preschool lay the foundation for future learning.

This takes passionate people, ready to roll up their sleeves. It takes driven educators who truly want to make a difference. It takes visionary leaders, dedicated to the long view. Our research has shown the way. Our curriculum has proven it in practice. Our results have shown the extraordinary impact long into the future. How do we do it?


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