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Before & After School Program


Kiddie Time knows that the school schedule is not always conducive to your work schedule. That’s why we have continued with our traditional home away from home feel and made it available for children that require before and after school care with extended hours, we open at four in the morning and stay open until eleven at night.

We offer hot, nutritious meals and snacks that meet with Michigan state approval. All of these meals are served family style to encourage good choices and proper table manners

In the before and after school care children above the age of five aren’t separated from one another in classrooms. Instead, to encourage mentoring, we have the older children interact with the younger ones to help with homework, playtime, and during experiments.

Our child care teachers allow for free choice activities. Some of these choices include computers, tablets, and a gaming system. We also schedule a bi-weekly learning theme.

This allows for some structure and routine which makes the classroom run smoothly with a fun atmosphere. As per our policies, we stress good self-esteem, clear and positive communication, problem solving, decision making, creativity, independence, and the ability to work with others.

  • Fantastic Field Trips
  • Homework assistance
  • Transporation to and from schools ( k-6)
  • Open for most snow days, school breaks and summer
  • Family style dining
  • FREE After School healthy snacks and dinner offered
  • Anti-Bully Policy

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